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I made it to the Midwinter Comic Retreat, and am most grateful to all concerned. Still too knackered to go into it, really, but it's a great idea, and this weekend seemed to be considered a major success by all.
Twelve cartoon creator types, including LJers badasstronaut, the founder of the feast, the girlycomic duo ,damiancugley,motodraconis and andyluke for starters, gathered to eat grotesque amounts of D's good cooking, in addition to all-day grazing on 'bad' snacky foodstuffs, and necking of wine/beer/caffeine. Minds made febrile with this overindulgence and the blazing heat from the lethal downstairs toilet/boiler room (the Death Spa) then combined to produce some kind of bizarre surrealist comic book sort-of-story, as yet untitled. It will soon be available from FactorFiction Press, or at discerning comic shops, festivals, etc. for your bemusement, and possibly amusement.
I expect there will be some frightening Flickr photos around,too.
I was a bit concerned about D's constant slaving over a particularly hot stove, cuppa-providing, and tidying, although she insists she enjoys these things. (Come on, that can't be true...), and suggest people (especially mens-) might be gently forced to feed and clear away after themselves more next time.
The weather was nasty, wet, too mild, and there was a great deal of mud. Only the bravest, guided by the Rambling Man, squelched out on the Saturday Stroll. I certainly wasn't one of them, and missed out on a Tea Shoppe, I believe. Damn.
Scabby-looking cows gave me very bad looks every time I peered out the kitchen window. Don't tell me they aren't plotting...
I'll whine about the nutter next to me on the coach, and stuff like that later. (Actually, I was lucky...D dropped me at the station just as the coach before the one I was booked on was loading. There were a few spare seats and they let me get on, so I was home getting a dressing-down from Wotan the cat, by six.)Very satisfactory!

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