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Sooooo Tired...

Wassamatter me? I don't feel too good. Didn't get much sleep last night, due to incredibly gruesome nightmares. I shouldn't tell this, but I'll just give you the bit I inflicted on helenraven. (It got much worse!)
I was doing some sort of 'work experience' in a morgue! The bloke who's the leading man in BODIES was the boss. They brought in a horribly mutilated young man, and I was already losing it, when the BODIES guy went to move his head,which just came right off. A huge fountain of blood gushed out, right onto me. I was wearing those white lab trousers, and they were saturated, right up to my waist. Even the boss was nearly fainting, and a couple of nurse types came and walked me away, as I wasn't supposed to be having to deal with such stuff, and was so traumatised I couldn't move, anyway...And then...All in all I wish I'd been having jinty 's dreams last night!
BILLY BUDD was excellent. I wasn't sure if it was quite as good as the old production at first, but yes, it was. Gripped and moved, yeh. The cast was A1, especially Simon Keenlyside and John Tomlinson. How the former managed to clamber and twirl around, hanging off ladders, etc. on an extremely frightening-looking hydraulic set, and sing the way he does, I really don't know.Bitchin'!
Still in a daze, I was treated by helenraven to a jolly good nosh, and by the time I'd popped into Tesco and the bank, and had a very long and tiresome journey home. (The trip into the West End was vile, too, but you expect it at rush hour-) I got in well knackered, and feeling vaguely coming-down-with-something; which I absolutely refuse to do, until after MCR anyway.
Sleep. Need some...
Oh, and thanks again to helenraven for lighting up my life with this:

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