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I had to turn the heat on at 4pm. I'm weak, but it's a bad day. Started with the dentist. He's going to put a 'permanent' crown back on, so I won't choke to death on the temp one, if it slides out in my sleep. Nice. He also gave me a prescription for antibiotics if the other side should get worse, and continues to cheerfully insist that both teeth are surely doomed. Snivel. Why? Why me? etc. I've always taken good care of my fucking teeth. Snot fair.
Then, had to do the supermarkets. LIDL was incredibly packed with desperate people stocking up on the Christmas specials. A woman rammed her pushchair so sharply into my bad leg that I involuntarily 'Arrrrgh!'ed in the checkout queue and suffered mortification.
I'm extra-depressed about my lack of all creativity, and what a sad waste my life has been. Glub.
The prospect of doing anything at all is daunting in the extreme, and I have a busy week coming up.Stuff I should be looking forward to...
In a pound shop, I saw a bottle of cheap counterfeit 'Cilit Bang' cleaner (which I always read as 'Clit Bang') It's in the same colours,etc. but it's called 'Kill It, Bam!' Arf.

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