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That temporary filling fell out this afternoon. I wasn't even eating anything. Nine months of having to go to the dentist every 2-3 weeks? Caramba...Of course, 'they' get paid every time they do a procedure.(Yes, I am deeply paranoiac.)
Poor old George Best finally carked it. charlottecooper had some deep thoughts on the topic, beautifully put.
BBC2's late film tonight is THE BODY SNATCHER, another atmosphere-heavy low budget B&W thriller from Val Lewton, directed by Robert Wise.
Everybody knows by now that BLEAK HOUSE is fab, but I must say last night's revelation scene was pretty astonishing. I mean it's one of the most cornball, ickysentimental, unlikely moments, even in Dickens, but Gillian Anderson and Anna Maxwell Martin acted it with such complete conviction that you were moved in spite of yourself. (It is true that they couldn't look less alike, however...)

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