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Sad Telly Addiction Stuff...

Late tonight on Ch4, there's a Bollywood romance called JISM! (Infantile snigger...)
Last night, I saw a bit of HONEY, WE'RE KILLING THE KIDS, which is very Gillian McKeith-y and depressing. Feckless pikey parents are shown huge computer generated images of their chunky, rot-toothed ADD-stricken spawn, right up to the age of 40, beyond which they're unlikely to survive, if they don't straighten out and eat right.
At the end, they're shown what their kids will look like if they continue to follow the healthy regime.
The 'bad' pictures show the children as pizza-faced teens, although in reality, they'd be just as likely (or not-) to cop a bad dose of acne however fit and diet-wise. They're also hunched over and scowling, throughout their digital 'futures', with big black eyebags like masturbators in Victorian 'dreadful warning' books. Proper Quasimodo stuff. In the 'virtuous' pictures, they're always clear-skinned, upright, and grinning with self-esteem-packed glee. Fap. I am not saying that kids should live on junk food and do no exercise, of course, but nonsense like this isn't going to help anyone in the long run, surely?
There was actually a really interesting episode of LOST last night on E4, with some backstory for Hurley, and tanatalising hints of possible intriguing developments. Dodgy-hot Sawyer and Locke both seem to be a bit jumpy and swivel-eyed, for one thing.
ROME rollicks on. Good classy junk.
I've been to the gym, where it was busy, and I had to wipe other people's rivulets of sweat off every torture machine. I think I may have install a little private gym area, perhaps near the pool, when I'm getting my Lotto mansion set up. I also had to look at the Sacred Head Surrounded-tattoo man again, and yes, he was wearing a singlet, and he is ever so hairy.
There's another bloke, possibly a 'care in the community' case, who regularly wanders from one end of the gym to the other bouncing one of those mega-huge spacehopperish balls, as if dribbling a basketball. I find this somewhat strange.
Ohhhh, BLEAK HOUSE tonight!

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