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Achin' All Over...

Went to the gym. There is a rule there about not wearing singlets, but the most unattractive men choose to ignore it. I don't like looking at gnarly pits while I'm torturing myself. (*Tsk*s in a crabby old lady fashion...) I feel ever so creaky, too. I wonder if going out in the cold after working out makes you ache more?
The final Russian Magic lecture is tomorrow at 18:15 at the British Library. Any takers? Dunno if I can face it, really, but I probably 'should'.
On Friday at the Salon des Arts near the Science Museum, this woman is gonna put herself into a trance and paint. I wouldn't mind having a look at that, either, but I'll probably just end up cocooning, as per usual.

Oh God, those heads are on BBC1 again. This time, they go underwater. Aggh! It's so repellent...

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