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Just one of those annoying days, really. Nothing really bad, just frustrating.
I am soo enjoying this cold snap. (Well,'normal' people go on and on about how wonderful disgusting, debilitating warm weather is...) Don't know if prospect of possible upcoming howling gales and blizzards turns me on that much, though.
Had to get a load of stuff for R when I went shopping, that took up too much space in the grannywagon.(Half price fruit & veg at LIDL!) 'Mustn't grumble'; I don't know how I'd cope without her assistance getting Wotan to the vet. Merry the moribund rabbit had to go, today, too...I'm rather dreading the doorbell ringing just while I'm settling down to EASTENDERS and 'reduced to clear' quiche, and having to listen to the death saga. Jeez, the downside of being an animal person...

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