Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Odd Things...

Guy in the gym with a humungous rolling-eyed, thorn-crowned Christ head tattooed on his exceptionally hairy calf. Possible Bad Sight of the Week, but it's only Monday...
Last week during my dental hospital ordeal, when they ask the five million questions about your general health and meds, I was rather chuffed, when she asked if I might be pregnant, thinking for a second this indicated I might actually look 'young' enough to reproduce...Of course, she also asked if I had sickcle cell disease, which is equally unlikely. It just meant A) She was very literal. B) She wasn't actually looking at me. Eh...
One of those RoboRaptors or whatever they call them, wobbling about on TV. I must admit, I like the look of them, but they don't seem to really do that much for all that money.
Thinking about my 'stereotypical chick' side, I must confess that I nearly filled up when the wee CGI pink mudskipper-creature was casually eaten by the giant bucktoothed bird-thing , making tragic little noises as it went down, on that ALIEN WORLDS show. Not the first time I've cried over a cartoon. I had to run out of the room sobbing, when Willie the Singing Whale died, and I was only slightly drunk.

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