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Panic Attacked...

Schlepped to the supermarkets and got the supplies in. Then, I thought I'd follow R's suggestion that I go on a catless 'dry run' to find the Blue Cross, tucked away at Victoria. I had the 'Mrs Brady Old Lady' trolley, and had a hell of a time getting on & off the bendy bus with it. (They never go anywhere remotely near a kerb...) Then, I was all jostled and befuddled, but managed to find it in less that ten minutes. It seems a long, uphill way,though, when you're having a nervous breakdown, anyway. Decided to go by overground train, as the station is nearer & less complicated. May return by bus, when less het up...Quite a nice, fresh day, anyway.Grabbed some catalogues for stuff I can't buy, at Argos.

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