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I'm almost tempted to turn on the central heating for a bit, but I'm trying to hold out until the 20th, like last year. It really isn't that cold, anyway; I had my jacket off,on the way home from the gym.
Praise and thanksgiving to Cernunnos for Wotan's blood results; kidneys and thyroid are 'fine'.
Had the tooth patched up by the dentist. It feels weird. He said I'll be lucky if the hospital 'does' it in 6-9 months. Sometimes you have to wait years. He was also mumbling grimly about the proposed changes in the NHS dental practises, and how a lot more dentists will be going private. They're nearly all private now, for fuxsake...
LOST was slightly more interesting than usual last night, mainly because Sawyer and Sayid were around a lot. I would definitely be setting my banana-leaf cap at those two, if I were a survivor. I suppose clownboys Hurley and Charley would be more in my league, though.
Locke is definitely in on it all, isn't he? But then why was he a fantasising schlub in a wheelchair back in the real world?
WHY doesn't anybody's hair grow out all daggy? They do sweat a lot, but it's obviously baby oil.
I've heard 'Is that a man or a woman?' three bloody times, this week.I'm usually not bothered, but that's rather a lot. Maybe I should grow my thin, geriatric hair a bit...But then again, nah; can't be arsed.

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