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Oh, The Exhaustion...

Out at 7:45 to get to my Guy's Hospital dental asessment by 10...This involved standing in a corridor for over an hour (I counted 30 people ahead of me; one poor devil on two sticks, and one in a wheelchair!) to sign in with the receptionist. God, the NHS is pretty ropy these days, in some areas, anyway. Thank the gods we still have it, though...I think the dentist was Kurdish, or something and not easy to understand. She was nice, though, and seemed competent, despite not being able to use the snafu'd spotlight thing. She had to make do with a torch...Anyway, verdict is they will try to save the tooth, but not for 6 to 9 months! I just hope it holds out that long. If I get another bad flareup, it's yankage for sure...
It was after noon by then, and I hadn't eaten at all, so in desperation guzzled the cheapest meatless sarnie I could find to sustain me, and headed for the sodding gym. By the time I endured all that,had a bath, etc., it was after 3 and I knew I wouldn't be going to the Ivan the Terrible and Magic lecture, somehow. I have to be at the dentist's by 8:30 in the morning so he can replace the old crown, until the hospital can deal with it, and yes, go to the gym after that...All I want to do tonight is eat reduced price veggie lasagne and enjoy a goodly portion of fucking and fighting in ROME. Of course, the lecture is sure to be absolutely fascinating just 'cos I'm missing it, but I'm really so very knackered, and Prof. Ryan was hard work last week.
I was looking at that womany magazine again. It's a BOOTS publication, donated by R...Some supermodel was trying to show how fallible and 'human' she is by saying 'I can eat a whole half a bar of B&G dark chocolate in a sitting!' Haaaaaaahahaha. Stoopid bint.

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