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Teeth, Vets, Money...

I go to the dental hospital for an assessment tomorrow. Probably a waste of time. They won't want to know, and I'll end up soaking my denture.
The vet has 'kindly' arranged for me to go to Blue Cross at Victoria for Wotan to get his teeth scaled (£175 at the proper vets',as the insurance doesn't cover it, so I've been putting it off...) Evidently it's really necessary, because of his heart murmur. I don't understand why, but grotty mouth bacteria might be harmful to his health. I should be grateful that po' folk like me can still get this treatment for our familiars, and I am, but it's two buses, and it's stressful enough for both of us, just going down the road, which we endured yesterday . Shriek. That's next week, anyway... I have to bring council-letter proof of my destitution as well, which is always a bit demoralising.
I had worse-than-usual trouble getting to the gym this morning; really REALLY didn't want to go, but I did. Saw an item in some womany mag saying that regular excercise is absolutely guaranteed to help depression in six months. 'They' always say this. It's so completely untrue.

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