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With Rue My Heart Is Laden...

The weekend headlines about privacy on the net being grossly invaded by our betters, soon, and Blair's latest purge on 'scroungers' have got me all anxious and collywobbling, as usual. Oh the horror of Job Centre 'help'. I really think it would kill me, at this point, to be forced into another 'job search' in order to claim my sub-survival pittance, and then be 'offered' some dreadful doom chicken-gutting or whatever, and being forced to accept it...Christ...Snivel...
I was further dispirited by the inevitable gloating about BB Allison getting evicted. 'The deciding factor was probably her size', etc, in the media, not to mention her in-House 'best friend' foxfaced, titless Kate, commenting 'caringly' on Allson's raucous persona-'She's probably like that so that people will like her- in spite of her size.' Sadder still, she's probably right...Always on the lookout as I am for sizeist crimes, I honestly believe that A got the bullet because the aggro stirred by Alex and Sandy make them indispensable to enjoyably sadistic watching.That was the 'deciding factor'.
I have at last started getting into FARSCAPE, which seems pretty good, despite the plastic, very 'American' leading man. That leather girl with the plait is HOT. (Erin?). Unfortunately, she is currently dead. A new series starts next week, heralded by a marathon showing of series 2, so I can really work up an obsession. Yeh|! Hope LeatherGirl gets ressurected. The dishy blue priestess is , at present, alive,and I'm sure I saw an episode where she was preparing to die. It's all very confusing.Maybe the repeats I saw last night were from series one...
Recently revisited the sissyfight URL after about two years, and couldn't be arsed to risk the crash it always seems to cause in my sad old TIME machine, but I see there's now a series of caveats forbidding all 'racist,sexist, homophobic and/or personal' abuse. But....all these things are absolutely essential to proper schoolyard combat. Humph! Squeamish youth o'today...

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