Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Boring Lecture...

After all the art, I went to the British Library for the first of the three lectures on Russian magic by Professor Ryan, who obviously knows his stuff all too well. There were few pictures this time, as the main subject was one WRS Ralston, a Victorian folklorist who worked with Andrew Lang, and others, and had to resign from the British Library after a series of disputes with his superiors. He was six foot six, and wore a big bushy beard to his waist. It was pretty excruciating, but I reckon I'll go again next week. You never know...The Conference Centre has a sweet little auditorium (rather full, although there were escapees as the talk went on...) with comfy seats and good sightlines. The prof overran by ten minutes or so, and I just missed a 91 bus which sped past despite my waving and wailing in the rain. When the next one came at last, the driver did the same thing to another unfortunate. It's so mean, it really is. They saw us, no doubt about it. This bus broke down, fortunately near my 77A stop, and another long wait ensued. It took a good 90 minutes to get from Euston to Wandsworth Road. I just made it home time for ROME on TV.
News Flash: Ross(Grunt Mitchell/EASTENDERS)Kemp got assaulted by his wife, who is the editor of THE SUN. Arf...

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