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Busy Busy...

Bloody foul warm wet weather yesterday, and I had to go to the dentist (crown on dead tooth awaiting dental hospital verdict sheared away suddenly...), then on to the West End for SELF PORTRAIT, which I couldn't afford, but felt I needed to see. It is worthwhile, too. There's a lot of familiar stuff, yes, but some very interesting gems I'd never seen before. It was annoyingly crowded (on Wednesday afternoon?) and too warm in the gallery.
Cool stuff:
P-J VanLaer, Flemish grimacer with skulls, etc... Charley Tooorop, glaring in front of black branches...A smashing Marlene Dumas;'This Evil is Banal'...Hans Troma hobnobbing with Love and Death...Giovanni Battista Salvi vividly alive against Wedgewood background...Francis Newton Souza as a brightly coloured Humpty Dumpty figure...Suzanne Valdon's BLUE ROOM was there, too. Its home is evidently in Paris, but I seem to remember seeing it many times when I first came to London. Every time I'd pass it, I'd think 'Foxy fat woman, Yes!' I still like it.

Over in St-Martin's-in-the-Fields, there's a 'farewell' exhibit from the homeless artists' group, prior to the restoration work on the premises. As usual, I got more out of this scruffy little collection than from a lot of more pretentious exhibits. There's childish stuff, copies, etc, but there are always little masterpieces of weirdness and spiritual depth as well. It's open 10:30-5:30,but only through Saturday.

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