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Crisis Of Faith...

I'm feeling very depressed about my growing lack of belief in any higher meaning to life, and anything beyond it. I know many people feel this way, and it doesn't bother them, but I don't think I could bear it.
Had an orgy of really lowbrow TV last night, all courtesy of Channel Five. There was a thing about older women and their much younger partners. One of them evidently has a 'rare medical condition known as multiple orgasm syndrome' She comes almost constantly about 500 times a week, (I don't know who counted-) If she sneezes, it causes her to lose consciousness! I have to do a strip on this, I think...
Then there was the life of Daniella Westbrook, with emphasis on her claim to fame as the coke-rotted mononostril girl. The operation footage was so gross, I had to scrunch my eyes, and I watch a lot of really crass TV.
THEN there was THE REAL WITCH PROJECT,evidently filmed quite near here, with local ladettes. These dopey women volunteered to 'become witches' and form a coven of sorts for a month. There was some skepticism, but things like Tupac dropping into their Ouija session ('I'm his biggest fan!') soon converted them. There was a certain amount of success from their workings; nothing proveable, of course. If I hadn't been depressed about belief systems before, I think this would have done it.

Last chance if anybody wants to attend the lecture on Russian magic at the British Library tomorrow, at 6:15

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