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I set out to see this:


I couldn't find the bloody gallery, which turns out to be in the most obvious place on earth, right opposite the RA. I had considered going to the Munch exhibit, but lacked the funds...Anyway, I ended up on and around Piccadilly/Park Lane, meandering with intent to gawk.
I swear a lot of those paintings on the Green park railings were there 30 years ago. Is there some assembly line? Does anyone ever sell anything? Does anybody know anyone who's hung stuff up there? I remember there was an old man there many years ago, who used to sell 'ivory' amulets with willies and yonis, etc. carved on them . I always fancied having one, but they were about £20,way back when. A fortune. They probably cost him about 50p to make, too. I'd still like one, though.
I seem to have sent an SAE to someone for something forgotten. This morning I got it back, open and empty; postmarked "Bath & Taunton". I hope it wasn't anything important.
A TV news item last night about legally using force to defend yourself /property, featured two very eager old ladies demonstrating gleefully how they belaboured a burglar with their sticks. I enjoyed that enormously.
Also in the post was the very long-awaited new issue of NUDE. I've not had a proper read of it yet, but in addition to Godzilla, Dan Clowes and Ken Russell, there's a full-page colour plug for ubertalented LJer xtinalamb's Print Gocco goodies.

I want my own proper webpage to show comics, and a doodle-of-the-day function. Uh. No brain, no money... I wonder if I could just scan art stuff into Flickr? That would involve the brain bit, though.
Terrifying explosions right outside the window, with scary flashes; not like ordinary fireworks, which are bad enough...No sirens or anything though, so I guess there's nothing to worry about. The cat's better off deaf, these days.

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