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Heimat, LIDL...

The magnificent HEIMAT ended on a note of-I dunno, fear/tragedy/despair/hope/transfiguration? God, wotta feckin' masterpiece.

I had anxiety dreams. I really have this David Blunkett thing, don't I? He was on my case... I have horrible fantasies all the time about being in my 70's, working all hours in B&Q, until I drop dead in my red-apronned yoke, like my poor brute of a father did... Still more media talk about how Europe has to 'evolve', compete with China and India, so we can all be toiling our entire lives away for a pittance. It sounds more like a return to the Dark Ages than THINGS TO COME.
Another dream, a bit less demoralising, involved Alison Goldfrapp in miraculaous silver wedgies, approaching me as I cleaned the auditorium, or something. She whispered some incredible revelation to me...You know the rest.
LIDL was poor-artist paradise today. Various cute easel contraptions, cheap canvases and paint boards of various textures, acrylic sets, watercolour sets, wee woody lay figures for £2.50, decent A5 sketchbooks, complete with 6-pack of pencils, for the same. Ecstatic. I also bagsed a new pair of classic Eurodyke felt clogs, with special non-stink insoles for £4.00. (I once bought a pair on Neal Street for about £30, and they were no better.) LIDL truly rocks.
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