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It's really feeling a bit autumnal.I actually enjoyed tramping to the Common yesterday, swollen face and all. Luckily our usual dog walking area isn't near the depressing "MURDER" signs on the other side. I would have thought that it happened in a more secluded area, but it seems to have been right opposite those big turreted buildings.
Still itchy and horrific today, but , slightly better, I think. Went to the gym, where they were actually bringing in some new equipment. A rather posh up-to-date treadmill, which everyone will be fighting for, included.
Went on to Clapham Junction afterwards, and bagged one of those Eyewitness Travel guides with all the purty pictures,to Vienna, for £2. I probably will never get there, but at least I can 'play pretend'.
Congratulations to Mr D Edwards for his evidently fine efforts in heckler-foiling the other night, and commiserations on current dental travail. It's weird, I too have this strange feeling of distrust towards dentists, although the ones I've encountered,have nearly all been quite competent and entirely pleasant. I still always feel they're not giving me the best quality treatment they could, if they wanted to, because I'm just an NHS peasant...
Assaulted by ghastly chav child on the bus who kept battering me with his sticky fistful of helium balloons. His Pollardesque mum finally bellowed 'Josh! Leave the man alone!' He didn't. Fap...

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