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Shame About It...

My neck started to itch last night. Early this morning, I found I'd acquired the lot, nettle rash all over my face and neck, including eyes, furiously itchy, grotesquely hideous.
The doctor was too busy to see me, but I got a load of frightening steroid preparations prescribed on the basis of what it's usually like. I hope to Christ they work, and quickly. In addition to the discomfort and humiliation, I find these outbreaks quite scary. You never know when or where it will happen.
I was supposed to go with R and the dogs to the Common. I still might, although I really want to just put a bucket over my head and trance out. We'll see how I feel when the time comes. I don't recognise any of this stuff, so might have side effects, like being even sleepier than usual.

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