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Piss on the Jubilee-

Horrendous London traffic jams all day; like worse than usual,and it hasn't even started yet. I'm glad I'm in a position to just opt out of it all. There's no sign of any street parties or anything around here, either, which is good...
I'm peeved as well 'cos I actually bought a cheap pair of those ultimately hideous old-lady sandals with the tie-up strings, to accomodate my grotesquely inflated summer feet, and they fucking hurt! Anything that ugly really should be very, very comfy...
Still more shameful revelations... I switched on E4 this morning before going to class, about 8 a.m., and watched the only conscious housemate, Sandy, complete with his Bad spec frames, doing a bit of aqua-aerobic activity. he walked around the pool again and again and again and again, and I sat there eating my Cheerios and WATCHING...

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