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Just saw the 'funeral' episode of SFU and feel like I've been smacked in the gob with a two-by-four. God, that was intense. I'm glad it wasn't one of the characters I actually liked, who got killed off!
Did the gym. It was weirdly deserted for some reason, so I tried actually running on the treadmill, (one hand on the rail, for about 45 seconds...)while nobody was around to be struck blind or something by the grotesque apparition. Speaking of which, posh gyms don't allow men in vests, it seems. There is some wisdom in that. In the weights room, I was forced, at length, to see a lot more of this man's particularly unprepossessing armpits than is really right or proper.
R next door found this carpet with lions on it dumped outside, like, about a year ago.It looks in perfect condition, if you like that kind of thing, but it was obviously saturated in urine at some point. She maintains that when she gets the money, she's going to have it steamed. (You could probably buy one for what that would cost...) She keeps it rolled up on her little 'porch' and every time her front door opens, the whole 'communal area' is blanketed with this thick,heavy stench of stale piss. It's weird, as she's generally quite fastidious, and it actually makes me retch. Rudely, as is my little way, I keep saying it's a health hazard and she has to get rid of the thing. She just shrugs and says she's got used to it, and doesn't smell it at all any more. I fucking do, godammit...I have to spray out there practically every day.
Did a weeny bit more of that spook strip.I also looked around for the frame I thought I had, for the 24 Frames thing, but couldn't find it.

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