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Public Service Announcement:

...For anybody else who may have been tormented recently by the Orange TV advert about the NYC blackout that features a childish voice singing about Svetlana sucking lemons...
It's called THIS SIDE OF THE BLUE by Joanna Newsom. It manages to be seriously annoying and totally beguiling at the same time. Here are the bloody lyrics: (Actually, they're rather good, in parts...)

Went to the gym, which was very smelly, and dirty; worse than usual. Then to waste time with the 'asthma nurse' discussing types of inhalers, etc. I had to do the peak flow-blowing-riff which always stresses me. (...Visions of Blunkett with a whip...) Pretty bad when you're afraid of being too healthy! I'm not, anyway.So yah boo sucks, Davy.
I'm actually making progress on the spooky strip. Did quite a bit yesterday. It may suck, but these days, getting anything done is good.
Saw part of the wonderful ANGELS IN AMERICA again. It reminds me so much of my childhood visions.It would be nice to have that sort of experience again, without the expense and possible risks of drugs.
I was pissed off by that UFO documentary on 4, though. Far too rational. A bit of 'hope' was left, in that they can't explain away abductions altogether. Personally, I still believe...'cos I want to.

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