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Heavenly Hastings...

I was pumping away on the stationary bike, and that house auction TV show came on.There was this humungous place right near the sea in Hastings: four big bedrooms, attic & cellar, 2 receptions, huge garden... This sleazebag developer type snaffled it for £150,000! Of course, it was a mess; no central heating, total rewiring and replastering needed, etc., but Jeez! It had superb character. Something like that, even in a run-down state, would net 2-3 million in London. *Sigh*
I got a melodious Mediterranean 'Good Morneeeng!' and a big white smile from Devil Girl. Hotcha!

Oh shit, Paul Pena's gone and died now. Fuck.,3604,1586607,00.html

It's hard to believe it's a year since john Peel died. I'm still narked about that, and all

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