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Another day of bummyness. Don't anybody ever deal with 'Sainsbury's to You'...
When I was poorly with my face all blown up,etc, I couldn't face going out, so I thought I'd order a big load of cat litter, bog roll, etc. and some groceries to get me through the weekend. They never came on the Saturday. They never came on the Sunday. After about 8 calls,with lots of hanging on while 'Tiko Tiko-Tick!'was played on a loop, I cancelled the bloody order, and was assured that I need do nothing else, they'd credit me. They kindly sent me a discount voucher for a tenner (like yeah, I'm going to use their craporama 'service' again!)
Today, I got my ever-burgeoning credit card statement, and guess what? More calls, much more 'Tiko Tiko', until they sniffily declared I HAD been credited! Call to the bank. They say I have to get back to Sainsbury's, and get a declaration from them...On and ON. I want to kill people.
Went to the gym, still feeling kinda pukey. Can't say I felt any better for exercising, but I probably would have felt even worse if I hadn't made an effort. Got a phone message from the doctor's surgery. I have to go there on Friday. Something about new asthma inhalers. Fucking HELL!
Watched this film I'd heard was good, COFFEE AND CIGARETTES. Loads of A-listers in it, but personally,I thought it was bollocks.I am not in the mood for whimsy...

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