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Went to the dentist, and said I'd like to have the 'specialist' opinion on removing my tooth from the dental hospital, after all. I felt like a divvy, after saying I'd just have it pulled, but he actually said he'd do the same himself.
Of course, I'll have to wait for months, and that's IF they deign to see me. My case is probably too mundane. Still, I can always have it yanked, knowing I did everything in my pwer to save it, if they won't/can't help.
I haven't heard the details yet,on Mr Blunkett's latest proclamations about giving people on incapacity benefit self-respect through menial toil, rather than 'watching daytime TV all day', but as always, the prospect gives me The Fear. Christ, I loathe that man. I've always disliked him, and he now just seems totally inept, and sort of-I dunno, autistic. He shouldn't be in a position of power. Of course, that could be said of most politicians, I suppose. I hope I don't judge him extra-harshly because of his outstanding hideousness. I feel that I hate him legitimately, for his cluelessness and gross hypocrisy.It also sickens me to look at him... I know, I know, but even the ugly get grossed out by other uglies, it's an unpleasant fact of human nature.
The latest earthquake horrorshow has really got me going, too. I'm not affected in any way (so far-) by the endless cavalacade of disaster, but I feel deeply oppressed and demoralised by it all. It's too much. Not Right...My mother (yes, she's still talking at me-) was going on about 2011 being Finito, as many believe. Wouldn't unduly surprise me. We seem to have total meltdown acceleration in so many areas of life. Guh.

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