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It's Gettin' Dark, Sarge...

Has anybody else noticed that the LJ fonts have become so weeny you can hardly read them? Especially the is even smaller; quite illegible. Concerned that yet another bit o' body might be going into a spin, I went to Accessibility and made my script gigantic, but it hasn't helped on these URLs, although everything else is humungous, now...
Ran into the 'Ainsley Harriot' trainer at the gym. He seemed amazed that I'd been going regularly for over ten months, now (and not looking a bit better for it!) He said he's tell Dave, who would be glad to hear it. Ahh, poor old Dave...Haven't seen him recently, as I usually go in the morning, when he's not there. Come to think of it, I haven't seen the hotcha Devil Girl trainer recently, either.
Fell asleep at the very end of ELIZABETH I last night, and missed the beheading! Bah. Bess' anguished sobs woke me up.

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