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Guardian Angel From Heaven So Bright...

Still unable to draw or write anything, and wracked by ennui and tortured artist-ism, I followed the advice of a hippydippy California Witchy site I cruised into, which assured me that angels are really pagan beings, and if you want some heavenly action, you should write a wannt ad for one! So I did...
I've always liked angels; used to see them quite often, as a child, and was especially keen on the lovely adult male ones, all blonde and glowy. I'll have one of those, I think,only a Michael McManus model, if possible -willing to provide a little jiggerypokery along with the muse-type duties, thus nudging a wretched old heap back to full health, functionality, and creative drive. Yeh, and loadsa money, too, please. All I have to do now is wait-
I guess it's a reasonably good day, 'cos I managed to get the groceries and walk the waggon back from ASDA, and THE COMICS JOURNAL finally arrived. It always comes about a month after it appears in the shops; not quite what I had in mind, by subscribing...

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