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Vin Diesel's Balls...

Like *jinty*, I had some really hectic dreamin' going on...The main story was all about my dealings with Helen Mirren and Liam Neeson, who were married, and had two toddlers, a pushchair etc.
Best bit came while I was chatting with Mirren about dogs, outside St Paul's Covent Garden...I glanced through the gate, and there was Mr. Diesel sitting on the grass taking a break from filming. I thought wow, and sent texts to several people who lust for him and would be interested.
Later, my mate Helen and I have moved to a pub on St Martin's Lane, and the Diesel filming invades. Vin enters in blonde wig and semi-drag (his usual white T, with pearls, stilettoes, and a denim pelmet skirt...) He's singing and dancing on tables, somewhat to the annoyance of the RL drinkers, and his exceptionally large round balls are hanging out spectacularly. Booms and camera stuff are moving all over the place. Like the others, I'm rather annoyed that the peaceful drink/chat session has been spoilt. I'm quite astounded by the performance and the monumental Diesel goolies, though. Can't wait to tell people.
Top that.
New live giant squid pics. Eeee! Must find...
And I STILL have a bit of swelling. Christ...

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