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Still swollen, so rang the dentist who 'doesn't like the sound of' my neck being affected, thus have to feckin' go back at six o'clock this evening! He wants to have a look, and possibly give me some penicillin as well as the other stuff. *Sigh*
I was desperate for groceries and household stuff, so had to drag myself to the supermarkets. Lots of aggro on the bus, including a mad guy who wanted to hassle the driver... 'I ain't a yardie no more; I'm a born-again Christian! Let these good people travel in peace!'(which, of course, we couldn't do until he got off...) There were puhchairs galore, too. I don't know why they let them on, when there's only really room for one wheely thing. I got on with my wagon, which I wouldn't have done, if I'd known they were there. Why didn't the driver just say there was no room? Both journeys were SRO and unpleasant. I was sweating like a hooded rapist, too, what with the inflammation, and all, even though it's rather nice and fresh today.
LIDL promises cheap gym gloves next week. Excellent! I hope the brochure's not lying, and that I can bag some.
I had the most hideous fight with SpiderMother on the phone last night. I shouldn't have answered, feeling as rough as I did. I just didn't have the stamina for her. Quarreling with an always-crazy 89-year-old who is probably also in the early stages of dementia is really not on, and I feel sick about it, but she just gets in there and presses those buttons, boy; like she really 'wants it'. She said she wouldn't ring any more, which would be such a huge relief, in so many ways. Suppose I'll have to smooth things over, though. I can't give her any financial support in her dotage, like 'everyone else' provides for their parents, I loathe her so much I can't convincingly provide any affection to soothe her, so the least I can do, to 'do my duty' is endure the endless weekly eruptions of verbal diarrohea she seems to need. Whew; Wotta carry-on...

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