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Bad day... The dentist greeted me with 'You look so tired, Lee, what's wrong?' ...The cunt says this every time I walk into his office. It freaks me out. (Of course, I am always tired...)
I have an abscess in a tooth that's already root canalled, which means it has to be re-done with only 30% chance of success. The tooth behind will have to have RC too, and whatever happens, I will eventually have to have a denture. (Unless I 'save up' for a private implant...£3000 for one tooth, and I couldn't even save enough for my fare to Serbia! People have noooo idea!) I'm hysterical. I've been hit by virtually every branch in my lifelong fall down the Ugly Tree, but always felt smug about having no need for the macabre 'Chopper Hopper'. I know, I know, in comparison to many, I'm quite lucky, but right now,I just want to cry until I pass out. Unfortunately, tears don't come easy to me. I trained myself while going through my rather soul-destroying childhood and adolescence, never to let 'them' see my pain, and now I can't even relax into a good weep on my own. I've also been given antibiotics with a strict NO DRINKING warning. Oh yeah, it's quite painful, too.
Ohhhh crikey! Not to mention the fact that the whole Root Canal Experience is one of the most excruciating discomfort events imaginable.

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