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I Got Depression On Me...

I think I may need to go to the dentist! I can't really chew on the right side. Tooth hurtee! Maybe it will die down in a couple of days. (Or get worse, so that I spend the weekend in hideous agony...)
The rubbish chute is blocked up. Reported it yesterday. It's smelling pretty bad today.
Four out of eight treadmills at the leisure centre don't work. Today, when I asked for a locker key, the girl said she didn't have them any any more, and we all have to schlep to the other side of the building to use the ones by the pool. The TV's still fucked. The cycle I was on was coming apart, and some of the weights contraptions are really wobbly too. They want to breed Olympians for their stupid environment-disrupting, money-guzzling Games, but they make it bloody difficult for poor folk to even get fit.A woman in the locker room said that they might be letting the place run down deliberately so they can close it. Bastards.

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