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Beyond Belief...

Nicked from steviecat, for the benefit of the world. (This will stun you.)

Day of stumbling upon extreme weirdness. I also saw part of a 50's film, POLICE DOG! featuring Christopher Lee as a Cockney policeman!
Nearly all the bloody treadmills in the gym are broken, one TV is kaput, and the music isn't pumping in loudly enough. I mean , I need distraction from what I'm doing in there. I did bag a bike in front of the working box, and watched that hospital thing again (child who had been bullied about her Dumbo ears about to have them fixed-) Ainsley enthused that people with 'something wrong' should request plastic surgery on the NHS. (Well, you can ASK...) THen there was a rather cool thing about house auctions, starring a 30's house that had never been modernised (FAB!) Unfortunately, it got a bit blown up in the war, and had cracks you could stick your arm in, but it was really worth all the work it needed. It still hadn't been restored by the time I finished my half hour. I was (almost) tempted to keep pedalling.

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