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This Will Bore You...

LJ Interests meme results

  1. androgyny:
    Uh...Well, I guess it's the ideal state. When I was a child I always thought that the most attractive body would be like a doll's, flatchested, and nothing dangly below. Of course, I had no notion of the joys of bumpy and/or dangly at that point...I dislike stereotypical 'male' and 'female' looks to this day, though
  2. comix:
    Ah comix, my lifelong fascination...I've been obsessed with them, literally, since babyhood.
  3. dossing about:
    I am usually exhausted. Flopping and dossing, just on the brink of unconsciousness are very pleasurable. That's what I'm doing right now, instead of something worthwhile.
  4. extreme cinema:
    The grosser the better, but I don't care for dumb,basic slasher stuff. I like films that deal with extremes of emotion, madness,etc.
  5. german cinema:
    Which brings us to...I particularly like weird b&w expressionist stuff, like CABINET OF CALIGARI, M, NOSFERATU and all. German films seem to have a deeper emotional core than most of the Hollywood stuff. There's often a poetic quaity, even in quite mainstream flicks.
  6. hypochondria:
    I think it's genetic. My mother has been dying for the last 89 years. There are just so many things that can go horribly wrong with our feeble shells at any moment...How can you not obsess about it?
  7. loathing of humanity:
    I'm just too psychically frail and sensitive. I can't stand being confined with lots of people yelling and pushing and being vile. So many people are HORRIBLE...including me, of course.
  8. opera(esp. wagner& verdi):
    One of life's greatest sensual pleasures. It's so intense and emotional. I can never understand so many people finding it boring.
  9. philip glass:
    I love his hypnotic, mystical aspect. You can really have out of body experiences listening to Phillip Glass. AKHENATEN is my particular favourite.
  10. reclusivness & curmudgeonism:
    It's always such a relief to get away from the manswarm. I'm set in my ways and like doing as I damn please.The world doesn't like me, and, on the whole, I don't much like the world.I'm tired of fighting it.

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Far, far, too much information.

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