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Feeling spooked and poorly; walking's hard with the arthur-itis, but I feel ashamed to go to the City Lit hoppin' on a stick. Almost cut class altogether today...just not in the mood. Thank God I didn't get called on; just dormoused in the back and didn't speak to anyone, although I'd really like to chat with the humanistic therapist woman who wrote the ghost book.
The wind is howling around the hallways again; very creepy. I feel all melancholy- mopy. BIG BROTHER returns tonight, though. Nine (or is it 12?-)weeks of jolly obsessing comin' up. I hear there's a 56-year old woman, a tranny, and somebdy with a prosthetic arm. Heaven! -Of course "It shoulda been me"... I even filled in an application, but couldn't get anyone to do me an audition tape. I only know one person with a video recorder, and he couldn't be arsed, until it was too late. (bastard-). I thought I wouldn't have a chance, anyhow, due to being insane, but having seen some of the really frightening tapes that were submitted, I think I probably could have got as far as the 'serious consultation (snerk) with psychological experts', before being outed as mental in that company. I do wonder about 'the panel' not wanting to choose people who were in it for the money and/or to have a shot at fame. I mean, are there any other reasons for doing it? Seriously?

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