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" I Feel Unusual..."

...and not in a good way. I have to go dogwalking soonish. I want to try out my new poles, but I'm going to feel a real melon, I know. It feels like it's heating up again, too. Last night I actually was able to switch off all but one of the fans, which restored my will to live, but it's now waning. I'm simultaneously afraid of death because I feel so odd. It's not easy, being a weirdo...
I watched part of DOGVILLE last night,which seemed terribly boring. Should I try again? I may have been watching it the wrong way, or something.
Thank the gods I have just one more panel to do for the Serbia strip. I'll have to send it tomorrow to have any hope of its arriving in time for the exhibit.
Dreamt I was shown a famous equestrian statue featuring a Viking. It was called 'Norse on Horse' and was a big tourist attraction.

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