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Not much of one, but enough to allow some shred of hope.
Got my frame for the exhibit, thanks Camilla. Now to think of something to put in it quickish...
The Leering Man was at the gym, unfortunately. Devil Girl's name is Maria. Ai, ai ai...
Dream: Strolling through the park in Pancevo. Weird peacock/rooster mutant birds keep peering at me from bushes, etc.
Watched NIGHTY NIGHT. I'm glad 'Glen Bulb' is still alive. he gives me pleasure. Isn't Glen Bulb the greatest name ever? I have to keep repeating it to myself. Glen Bulb...Arf.Snort.
To my annoyance, I fell asleep just after the start of MEDIUM. I gather from rozk's post that it was worth watching. Bah.

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