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Stinking Sauna Summer Simmers On...

I honestly can't breathe. Glug...I can't imagine how any of those poor souls in New Orleans, etc. have survived, trapped in similar weather, with virtually no water or food, waiting for rescue amidst corpses piling up, criminal gangs on the rampage, etc. My mother was clacketing on last night about it being largely their own fault for having no money, transport, etc. to evacuate before the floods. "They're so silly, they were waiting for their welfare cheques to come before they left..." Somehow I managed not to go all shoutysweary OR die from swallowing my tongue. Well done, me!
The lift's broken down again, which means taking the other one to the floor above or below, and hefting laundry/groceries, etc. up or down about 30 steps. I've got those little red ants in the kitchen, and there's blood in Wotan's shit again. Too much information? You don't know the half of it...Oh Lotto gods, grant me succour, etc.
Last day of GRRR!; wonder what it's been like? I've been having loads of weird Serbia dreams, which is useful for the strip I'm doing.
Wayhey! All the fruit & veg at LIDL is still half price, and they finally have HIKING POLES on special (£7.00). I bagged some, now I have to find out how to use them properly.
Why isn't there anything interesting on TV?

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