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Nicked! The Mortification!

Well, I guess I had it coming... It's really been one of those days-I thought oh no, I don't wanna go to Illustration, it's raining, etc.etc.-I'd missed last week, though so forced myself out into the cruel world only to find that the teacher had bloody cancelled! She rang everyone, but like, after I'd left, so 6 of us sat around for half an hour and then gave up. Got rained on some more on the trudge back to the Strand, and then, at Westminster the sodding ticket inspector struck! Cold fear time! Fortunately, my big bag was bulging with newspaper, bottle of H2O,lino gouges, sketchbook, etc,etc, so I was able to look convincing while muttering 'Ohhhh, it's in here somewhere' in weak geriatric treble. ( I figured it would go worse for me if she actually saw the pass that expired in January-) So, I 'only' had to fork out my (inevitably-)last £5 for an 'on-the-spot' fine. Colour me 'Shamefaced Scarlet' or whatever. Fugginbashdits,lousyrottenstinkinscumbags, etc.
All I can say is thank the gods for double BUFFY to-night. I've been well stretched on the rack of this rough world today. Arse!

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