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Oh My Nerves...

Expidition to the vet this time included R and two large rabbits. The owner of Lula the dog was supposed to join us , but didn't. (Lula likes to pull this Alpha-female thing on any new dog she encounters. Usually, they submit, but last week she encountered an unco-operative Great Dane who took a chunk out of her, and was supposed to be having her stiches out today...)
Wotan was unusually well-behaved, perhaps due to his fascination with the rabbits, but the fur really flew when he had to have those brittle overgrown claws clipped. Major hissing and eely-writhing activity. He'll have to get his kidneys checked next time AND, his remaining teeth need scaling. This will cost £175 and the insurance doesn't cover it ('ordinary maintenance') Maybe I can get it through Blue Cross. I simply can't pay that...He's nice and plump, though, over 4 kilos, now, which is quite chunky for him.)Praise to the animal gods.
R is so hyper and fretful about the animals (one of the bunnies is too thin, and may be ill-) that I get even more nervosa. Guh, I'm spent. Pretty knackering on top of the gym ordeal, but there you go; it's all over until the next time.

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