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Crabby Cogitations

I was listening to a phone-in on yesterday's WOMAN'S HOUR and was so shocked that it keeps coming back to me, and pissing me off all over again. The topic was whether or not modern women were being 'mis-educated', encouraged to 'ape men' by seeking career satisfaction, etc, only to end up 'Miserable Brigid Joneses' in their 30's, man-less and 'baby-hungry'(!?!)... The author of a current book that contains such crackpot theories had been pontificating the day before. Luckily for me I missed that; might have had a bloody stroke-
Anyhow, after the introduction, I was expecting a lot of calls from people mocking this sad attempt to revive the good old days, when the womenfolk knew their place, only to be STUNNED by the fact that most of the callers (-mostly women, too!) supported the mad old boffin's notions! One woman even started ranting on about how mens' 'far superior' physical strength made it obvious that they should go out to work while we poor feeble dears stay home and stir the pot...I mean, Jesus, that so many women still blindly accept the often disproved belief that 'women are weak' and seem to relish it, baffles me. OK, most men are bigger than most women, and have somewhat more upper body power, but that's it. Doesn't everyone know this? As for the whole mis-education thing, surely everyone should be able to access the education that's right for them, regardless of gender, etc. I mean there is just so much difference between individuals of both sexes...As more and more Stepford Wives rang in, I was tempted to go for the phone myself, but knew I'd never get through. Two women, a pick-weilding archaeologist, who was dismissed as some sort of lesbo nutter by the smug surrendered-wifey on the other line, and a musician, managed to get through and voice opinions similar to mine. What about the rest, though? Are they all being paid by the Daily Mail or-shudder-do they really believe the shit they were spouting? Gawd 'elp us...
Ah, that's better. A good rant always helps. But still,the madness, the fucking stupidity! Jeez...

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