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Atmospheric Conditions..

About six yesterday evening, I was sitting here surfing, when I felt the light change. I looked out the window, and saw this incredible illusion. It was like a London-Eye-sized rainbow, a full circle, sitting on the scrubby lawn of the estate, and taking in part of Wandsworth Road. It appeared to be sleeting inside the circle, and all the leaves were silvery and shaking. Outside the rainbow, it was quite dark and misty,and the sky purply/indigo all around the giant rainbow-bordered globe of brightness. It was like some kind of acid flashback. (Hm, maybe it was...) I stood at the window gawking for the few minutes it lasted. Afterwards, for about an hour, there were many more strange and beautiful cloud formations; very intense grey/blue/silver combos. Whoa!
Sticking with the psychedelic, I watched THE DOORS again, last night. Many critics think it's a crap film, and Val Kilmer's performance is poor. I like it, though. The early scenes, especially, convey an unusually accurate feeling of what it was like to be young, arty, mystically inclined and drugged to Hell in those yeasty days. I liked the Doors, and Morrison, although I wasn't exactly an avid fan. Kilmer's presentation seems pretty decent, to me, on the whole. I find him rather a good actor generally, and think he's unfairly maligned. Maybe it's because he's personally unpopular. Whenever he's mentioned in the press, he's always depicted as a complete knob, with personal hygiene problems and everything. Whatever; as an artist, I think he deserves a lot more respect than he gets.

Oh, BTW, I have been to Jim's grave in Paris. I was there before his bust got stolen. People used to stick joints to his mouth.
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