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Went to the gym early to get it over with before the heat got too much. Eurgh...
Two hardass-looking rock-'em-sock-'em black guys ( you know, the type that adds onto the huge stack of weights to make using the machines worth their while...) were nearby, and I realised that their earnest conversation was all about BIG BROTHER 'They got rid of Maxwell and Saskia, but then they fucked up'... 'Saskia was easily the best-looking girl in the house, though'...'Yeah, lovely lips-' Unfortunately, I couldn't hear much more, as there was a lot of noise around.
Semi-naked Howard again on MIGHTY BOOSH last night. Nice of them to be so considerate of their public!
These leakings about the Stockwell shooting are really getting me worked up, but I'm not going to go into it, or I might get a heat stroke or summat. God help us all, anyhow.

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