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Leisure Pass...

I'm a proper member of Clapham Leisure Centre now, having gone through my allotted 'exercise on referral' sessions. That means :
Bad... Each session is 40p more, and at weekends, it costs £3 to get in, should one have to go then.
Good...I don't have to go at any particular time, as long as it's in top discount hours.
I had been hoping that it would be blissfully empty at 10 am, but there were more people than ever; lots of unemployed hoodie types looking menacing.Bah, bring back national service,etc. Fap....And what is it with these people who do a set or two on the weights, and then just sit there doing thousand yard stares for a long, LONG time, while other people wait for their turn? I've noticed that seems to be really commonplace. Wankers.
Watched a very bad old horror film called THE WOMAN EATER. Mad scientist, unemployed 'hula-hula girl', spurned housekeeper/lover, Tanga the extremely weird jungle boy-valet, and a giant femnivorous plant. It came to no good. Woman Eater.html

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