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Free of Big Brother...

It's nice to be almost without addiction for a bit. (There's HEIMAT, of course, but that's pukka kunst, so you're allowed...)
How boring that Anthony won, although quite appropriate. It was almost touching to behold his puppyish cavortings of ecstasy. Ah, what it must be to be young, blessed with physical beauty, no brain whatsoever, and £50 thou in the bank...
I was interested by the excessively venomous reception Makosi got, though. She was evil, devious and absurdly self-regarding, but not much more than the rest. Perhaps her real 'crime' was taking advantage of her slightly-higher-than-most housemates' intellect to manipulate them.
I still have a soft spot for Science and Kemal, and wish them nice careers...
Eugene should invest in 'cosmetic dentistry', a decent wardrobe, and some training to rid himself of the nerdvoice. I can see him becoming a sort of naive geek sex symbol, a la Louis Theroux.
Kinga should lay off the firewater, get a breast reduction,a more flattering hairstyle, and go to uni. In her quiter moments, she sometimes showed flashes of emotional wisdom. Can see her as an eccentric 'celebrity psychotherapist' or something.She has a decent singing voice, too.

Jade Goody doesn't know who George Bush is, and got a huge round of applause for it...Do we envy her?

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