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It's Already Too Hot...

I don't wanna go to the gym today. I'm sleepy. I'm still behind in the Stuff I'm supposed to be doing-department. Bah.
Oh well, I've got my taped MIGHTY BOOSH to watch; maybe that will stir me into positive-minded creativity... somehow...
I've been enjoying the new, expensively glossy SIZE QUEEN fatpositive magazine. It's lush. Lots in it, too.

Have been re-watching DIE ZWEITE HEIMAT on BBC4, too. It's just so incredibly good. Many years ago, I got obsessed with the first series, and thought the second was bound to be a letdown, but no, it was equally addictive and moving. Again, to my amazement, it holds up beautifully today.This is yer proper quality stuff. A genuine masterpiece.

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