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Serbian Synchronicity

Keep hearing things about Serbia, etc, recently. The fates like to torture...
Late last night, just after reading an email from 'Zograf' about taking part (at a distance-) in a little project at the Pancevo gallery,I turned in. As usual, I switched the radio on, and HOME TRUTHS was just beginning this sweet little story: Ahhhh, bless!

I'm also trying to get a few bits & pieces done for the GRRR! exhibit, and a competition in Belgrade. (If I win, I can take a trip!...I fancy one of those naff coach tours that go to Vienna, Prague( one of my favourite places-)Budapest and Krakow in two weeks. The cartooning opportunities would be mega...Maybe I could return to Serbia somehow, too. Ah well, dream on.

Did the laundry and posted a load of stuff. Oh, the excitement.

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