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Children, Bah!

Being 'good' again...I've hoovered and am doing classwork, although not as much as I oughta. Had a grumping match with a skanky breeder in Sainsbury's. Hmph! Some day a real rain will come, etc...I wonder if I'm really bitter 'cos I didn't reproduce, (I never had the remotest desire to, but people always assume yer in denial if you say that-)and that's wot makes me so disgusted by 'parent' types flaunting their hideous spawn all over the place and getting outraged when strangers don't want to be mauled by, or otherwise vexed by the smelly, sticky little monsters? I also sort of believe in eugenics, which makes me some kind of nazi fiend,I suppose. I don't think everyone should be all homogenised and everything, but I honestly think people should have to get a license to breed, and two anklebiters tops, unless the others are adopted. The world doesn't NEED more people, for Christ's sake.... Mumble, sputter...

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