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Very Peculiar...

I went off to the ICA despite R's jeremiads of Death by Bomb. She worries me sometimes. I don't think she's been on public transport, or indeed, out, except to dogwalk, since the terrorist business started.
All was well, thank the gods, and I entered the strange world of Henry Darger, with dansette, and about five others. (That's the way, uh-huh, uh-huh, I like my cinema sojourns.) The seats were as violently excruciating as ever, though. I thought I might have lost enough weight to at least squeeze in. No.
The film was fascinating. I hadn't been too enthusiastic about the prospect of the animation, but on the whole I think it worked, and wasn't too intrusive. It's a sad, haunting story, still mostly veiled in mystery. In some ways, it's quite inspiring, in others, creepy and depressing. Definitely recommended, anyhow.
Thanks once again to dansette for bringing along the comic sale money. Whee! Hope you had an easy trip home, too.

Despite it being rush hour, I even got a seat on the bus home. On Wandsworth Road a youngish woman scowled at me and mumbled to herself 'What kind of top is that? ' Maybe she was a fundamentalist Xtian, and thought I was some kind of Hogwarts devil spawn.

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