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It's official. Barring the lottery jackpot. I am definitely unable to go to Serbia this year. I don't have the fare, my Belgrade crash pad isn't available, and the situation in Pancevo is also problematic... Less money for the festival, more guest artists, venue problems AND a scarcity of free rooms, due to another big event taking place the following week, with related influx of impoverished artyfartys needing sleep space.
In a way, I'm relieved, as all this makes it easier to accept; it's just not on the cards at the moment. First week of September is likely to be far too hot for my taste, anyhow. Maybe I should buckle down to a proper comic about my obsession with Serbia.
Still searching for my phone. It just doesn't seem possible....#@%*#!!!
I'm listening to some 'chick lit' woman I've never heard of, (ON THE ROPES,R4) talking about how her innate self-loathing led to decades of alcoholism and underachieving. Duh,I can relate to that. She spent years in a job she hated and was very overqualified for, etc. etc. Sounds a lot like me in many ways, except now she's rich, and evidently famous-ish, chatting with Andrew Maar. Well,good for her. (Grunt)

Now, I often bitch and foam about how Tracey Emin annoys me. I don't really dislike her, it's just that she seems such a mediocre artist to me, and gets such huge £££ rewards for her usually rather dumb stuff. I'm with her all the way on this one, though. A truly wizard wheeze in my opinion. Go, Tracey!,6903,1535104,00.html

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